How to buy your best countertop materials, including stone, tile, granite, concrete and stone countertops for your external kitchen.

In contrast to standard 24-inch indoor counters, outdoor counters generally have a depth of 30 centimeters to accommodate a built-in grill, among other features. If on an island is accessible from all sides, a countertop should still be deeper. Search for the best outdoor kitchen countertops.

Materials of the countertop base

The stronger the countertop, the less solid surface is needed. For example, only the counter walls can support concrete and stone. However, other external countertop materials require a substratum that is to extend by 3 inches from the counter walls.

A concrete platter that has been reinforced with steel and 2 sheets of concrete backboard joined with a thin mortar to create a double density is the most popular option for a substratum.

Materials Outdoor Countertop

Like the countertop of your kitchen, your outdoor countertop should be a good and/or clean dining area. These requirements are fulfilled by several counter materials:

Stone Tile

Most stone tiles are suitably designed as countertops while they are coated with acrylic sealer. Nevertheless, consult your tile dealer to make sure your selected tiles are strong enough and stain resistant.


Granite slabs are prized for their robust beauty and are offered in a wide range of colors. It does not need a subsurface because of its strength; however, its weight makes the installation a job for an expert. Installers frequently face a 2" wide piece of the plate to make it look denser. The seam is grinded and sanded until it is all but invisible.

Ceramic glazed fabric

Ceramic tile is a perennial favorite for countertops because it is easy to clean, resistant to stall, and available in a wide range of sizes and finishes!

Stone dome

As stated, only the support of the contrary walls is necessary for a stone plate. Typically, smooth plates are cut 3 inches thick and then shaped to fit your counter contours in the stone yard. Among the favorites are bluestone and calcareous.

Blueprint (pictured)

 Beton was not just discovered for driveways as a decorative surface which can be colored and structured in many different ways. As noted, a substratum is not necessary, and it is usually installed by hand craftsmen who do not produce any two counters.

Flagstone & Brick

More often than not, brick and flagstone come as materials for a path in varieties that are soft enough and hard enough to work on the surface. While they are porous, they are relatively stain-resistant and easy to clean with acrylic sealers annually. While neither material is so easy to preserve, its rustic appearance can be the perfect choice to complement the architecture of your house and environment. Search for the best natural stone backsplash.