Speaking of Madden NFL 21, frustrated gamers accused EA Sports of completely conceding the ball.

On Thursday, EndMaddenMonopoly became popular on Twitter, as fans of NFL analog video games continued to express their dissatisfaction with the latest issue of "Madden NFL 21". This is the second time that angry fans have posted their opinions on Twitter since the game was released. Earlier this week, NFLDropEA also gained brief attention on social media platforms.

The game went on sale on August 28, and was enthusiastically received by critics. The website received a 63-point rating on the Metacritic website, which gathers reviews from the Internet. Fan comments (also reported on Metacritic) are even worse, "Madden NFL 21" has the worst score of 0.3 out of 10.

The main complaint of the fans this time is that "Madden NFL 21" feels like a roster update of only $60, and EA Sports has not taken any measures to strengthen the franchise model, but chose to focus on passing "code" and "Madden" The ultimate team" model. They want to know why people are bored with this game, copy and paste it into the updated roster, even if it is not the best way.

In addition to the heated discussions surrounding Madden NFL 21 Coins microtransactions (the pain points/controversies that have existed in the gaming industry for many years), players also shared various glitches and errors encountered when playing games. It is worth noting that shortly after the game is released, there are often some vulnerabilities, and developers can patch and fix them through software updates.

The EndMaddenMonopoly sport is 16 years after EA Sports signed an exclusive agreement with the National Football League (NFL), which features the team logo and the names and similarities of the players. Fans accuse EA Sports of becoming lazy and complacent because it is the only video game publisher with NFL rights.

Before the deal was concluded in 2004, EA Sports and "Madden" faced competition from other developers, the most famous of which was the "NFL 2K" franchise of Sega Sports and Visual Concepts. In fact, in 2004, the aggressive "NFL 2K5" price point of $20 forced EA Sports to sell, and the company reduced the cost of "Madden 2005" from the industry standard of $50 at the time to $30 to compete. "Madden 2005" also launched "Hit Stick", which has become the main content of the game since its introduction.

Although EA Sports will extend the NFL's analog exclusivity to the NFL in the 2025 season, 2K and the NFL Players Association have agreed to reach an agreement to allow names and portraits in arcade-style football video games, which will be released in 2021. Madden 21 has now been released, and many players still support the game. My friend bought a lot of MUT 21 Coins like other Madden series before, which makes him more comfortable in the game, so I think it is necessary to buy MUT 21 coins.