Imagine if they make it the"ideal" zone does not appear unless the shooting attributes are high enough? (Establish the bar at 75 or MT NBA 2K21 something.) This way centers using a 50 three can not green corner 3's at a constant speed if they get their shot down and will always run the risk of missing the shot. Maybe the can make it where measure backs, fades and twists also don't receive a"perfect" zone unless they get the Difficult Shots badge.

If I'm not mistaken in 19 as soon as you hit 85 three stage attribute you got the"bigger green window". I have no idea. Sharpshooter and the playsharp were useable. Now there is no reason not to have a defensive build with maximum wingspan since anything over 60 three is enough to consistently green anyplace with like 6 badges. Hell you can green with 45. It would be amazing to find this perfect / create window bigger the greater your three ball is. This 2K it seems like all that matters was HZH.

I have a two Way Slash Play 9 shooting badges, along with a Sharp Facilitator with 30 and that I honestly feel no real difference in shooting. I should say I feel no difference in shooting Broad Open. Together with HOF steady the Sharp Facilitator is good to like 50% contests to be honest. But still. Additionally badges have begun to dominate NBA 2K21, getting. I gotten to the point where I wish they simply got rid of them and let everyone play.

Agreed completely, except I wish they'd return to where (for example on 2K13 back in the PS3 times ) there wasn't any shot meter and feature caps weren't influenced by elevation or wingspan. When tons of players like KD, that are 6'9" with a 7'5" or whatever wingspan, can handle like a guard and take like butter, exist at the league and during its history there is no reason that having a taller, lengthier participant should make us good at ball handling as Artis Gilmore and as great at shooting as Shaquille O'Neal.

I also wish just like how the old signature abilities used to work, they'd go back to a 5 badge maximum. The manner 2K is is all about running a cheese build or lineup and anyone you play against who is not running it automatically can't compete. Elderly 2K used to become an actual skill gap. 99% of the players now, especially some of these streamer guys, wouldn't stand a chance if it moved back to how it was because some construct at any size would have the ability to compete with them.

NBA 2K21 has been outside for over 11 months, so there is not any reason that I need to have to wait for 30 minutes to play a match since you men are scared to lose. We all purchased NBA 2K21 to PLAY with a basketball game that was simulated, to not run around. Inform me about it, man. I'm an Elite with a relatively high win% and people will literally walk into the other hand and pull out their phone to Buy NBA 2K21 MT check and determine if they would like to play against me. Even entire ass squads with rep will operate like flies.