The last factor to consider before buying hot roll sublimation paper is the type of artwork you plan to print. Do you want to print photos with a high degree of detail, or is your work more similar to vector-style graphics? The simplest forms of vector graphics are designs or illustrations based on lines or shapes. You can create them using design programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. They are the most common style of artwork printed on thermal transfer paper.

Comparison of Photos and Vector Style Graphics | Coastal Commercial Supplies
If vector graphics is your game plan, then you are in luck! Almost all thermal transfer papers (laser or inkjet, light or dark clothing) can print vectors well. However, if you want to print photos, please keep in mind that there are some restrictions on the thermal transfer paper you can use.

For photos, the best choice is inkjet transfer paper for lighting. Inkjet printers can print a variety of colors and are very suitable for making realistic and high-quality photos. Inkjet transfer papers used for dark colors will work, but they carry a small warning. Inkjet transfer paper for dark colors consists of a thick opaque white coating, once the image is transferred to the shirt, you will be able to feel that layer.

Laser transfer paper is more difficult to use for photos, because standard laser printers (using cyan, magenta, and yellow toner) are manufactured to achieve very bold colors. Only by using a more advanced laser printer that also uses white toner (OKI C711WT is a good choice), you can print out the various colors needed for the photo with a lot of details.

Hope all these HTP factors will not scare you! There may be many things to remember, but once you start to create with transfer paper on a regular basis, these things become second nature. As a rule of thumb, if you want to print photos, start with inkjet thermal transfer paper for white and light-colored clothing. For vector art, any heat transfer paper using heat transfer paper manufacturer is safe.