In POE, there is not only a complete financial system but also a complete micro-transaction system. Players with strong economic power will buy some decorations for their characters or useful items such as POE Currency and POE Items for their game journey.

There are two micro-transaction methods for players to choose from. The first is that players who like to fight use their own loot to trade with other players for items they don’t have and are in urgent need. The second method is for players to go directly to the game store to buy everything they need. They can also purchase additional storage space in Stash, fancy pants, cosmetics and weapon skins, and other pet-like equipment.

Players who want to experience microtransactions can directly click the M button to enter the microtransaction menu. The clear transaction list allows players to see which products are on sale and those fun items that have recently added to the game. These are mostly decorative and will not have any boost to the players’ game progress. But as long as the people who purchased the hidden tags have extra space to store the items they found in the game.

Players can also use cash to Buy Exalted Orb or equipment directly from the store. Some support packages can bring them more value-for-money effects. If they want to check their micro-transactions and decorations, please press the I key to enter the inventory interface, and then click the cosmetics tab in the upper right corner of the screen. This will show you all the cosmetics that the players themselves have equipped.