Industrial chains refer to chains used for medium and large machinery used in industrial manufacturing. Because of the strength of the operation and the working environment, industrial chains are prone to a decrease in operating efficiency due to dirt or fine foreign matter. At this time, the cleaning industry becomes more critical. Below, China Drive Chain Wholesaler introduces methods to clean up industrial chains:

1. Use special chain cleaners, which are generally imported products, with good cleaning effect and good lubrication effect, just follow the instructions for use.

2. Use metal powder, find a larger container, take a spoon and rinse with boiling water, take off the industrial chain, and put it in the water to clean it with a harder brush. This method can easily clean the oil on the chain, and generally does not clean the butter in the inner ring, it is not irritating, and does not hurt your hands.

3. Use hot soapy water, hand sanitizer, and take a discarded toothbrush or a slightly harder brush. Dip water and directly brush the industrial chain. The cleaning effect is not very good, and the industrial chain needs to be wiped dry after cleaning, otherwise, it will Rusty.

Through the above introduction,Roller Chains Exporter hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.