Recentreports published by e-Marketer shows that the global spending on digital ads will reach upto $389 billion by the end of 2021. The report also states that in the United States alone, the social media ad expenses reached around $43 billion as of 2020 and are expected to rise exponentially this year. Such unbelievable statistics certainly pose the question of whether digital marketing will kill old-school marketing techniques like newspaper or magazine ads, etc.


As the Internet has secured an ever-growing and important presence in our lives, the scope of digital marketing and social media campaigns is achieving new horizons. Digital marketing and SEO statistics for the year 2021 by Digital Third Coast state that US business organizations across multiple industries spend an average of $497.16 every month on SEO and digital marketing services.

What is leading to this growth?

When compared to digital media marketing, traditional practices like print media, telemarketing, broadcast, etc., fall behind in a number of ways, like:

  • Traditional marketing fails to engage in active interaction with the customers.
  • Whether it is a television ad or newspaper post, traditional marketing is largely static, and once executed, cannot be updated easily.
  • Unlike digital marketing, which is a one-time investment, the recurring cost in old-school marketing is an extreme hassle and a financial headache.
  • Contrary to digital marketing, traditional marketing strategies fail to offer a proper analysis of the effectiveness of a campaign. Therefore, it becomes difficult to estimate whether a business organization is investing in the right direction or not.

Having learned about the drawbacks of traditional marketing practices, let us now delve deeper into digital marketing.


The following section will offer you a brief overview of different types of online marketing techniques and digital marketing best practices in 2021.


To answer this question, it is first essential to learn the various types of digital media marketing largely used to increase brand visibility.

SEOSince 95% of online traffic goes to the #1 ranking pages, it is crucial to optimize a business website with proper Search Engine Optimization techniques. SEO largely involves proper keyword integration, on-page and off-page optimization like reducing page load speed, using proper images, ALT texts, securing quality backlinks, etc. These practices help web crawlers to index the content of your web page properly and offer it higher ranks against a respective search query.

Pay Per Click (PPC): With growing competition in the digital marketing platform, it is not just enough to do SEO. PPC has also emerged as one of the crucial tools to build brand awareness and generate profits. PPC can be simply explained as buying a visit to a website with a paid advertising campaign. It is a model of marketing wherein advertisers pay a particular fee each time an ad is clicked.

Website Development: Website development involves curating a company's website using graphics, adequate content, and information. A website is the face and voice of a company. It acts as a resource of knowledge about a business organization for its potential customers. Website development helps deliver a seamless user experience by making it look amazing, work faster and efficiently.

Social Media Marketing: Active interaction with customers on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc., is also a crucial digital media marketing technique. It helps to understand the potential audience, address their needs, and create a good impression about a brand. Furthermore, it also generates leads and sales and generates better ROI.


  • Voice search integration
  • Local SEO and listing business on Google My Business
  • Creating mobile-friendly pages
  • Make more interactive contents
  • Practice automated bidding in Google Ads

The benefits of digital marketing, when compared to traditional marketing, are immense and multifaceted. It helps to reach the target audience faster and increase brand visibility. It improves customer engagement and interaction, offers better conversion rates, and generates consistent sales & leads.

Furthermore, it helps to analyze the outcomes of a campaign. It offers a comprehensive report about how many people saw your ad, how many sales resulted from a particular ad, and ultimately, allows you to estimate the ROI. All these factors collectively prove why digital marketing will gradually overpower old-school marketing, if not completely eliminate it.