I love this idea for construction paper flowers wooden crafts for kids wholesale can make to create a homemade Mother’s Day bouquet!

  I love how this simple craft using construction paper, craft sticks, glue, ribbon and tape can create these homemade paper flowers perfect as a kid-made Mother’s Day Paper Flower Bouquet. Everyone loves flowers and homemade presents are the sweetest.

  This gift is the best of both worlds!

  These simple construction paper flowers are easily crafted by little fingers. Kids of all ages can make this craft — younger kids may need additional help and supervision. Older kids will likely run with the idea and make something that is much grander than what we show below.

  I would expect that most of the supplies you already have at home or in the classroom so the cost is minimal and making a flower or two would take about 15 minutes while making an entire bouquet for mom might be closer to 25 minutes for most kids.

  Homemade Construction Paper Flower Bouquet

  Supplies Needed To Make Paper Flower Mother’s Day Bouquet:

  Different colored construction paper

  Popsicle sticks


  Toilet paper roll or craft rolls


  Scissors or preschool training scissors

  Duct Tape

  STEP 1

  Cut 3-inch wide strips of colored construction paper, one for each flower you wish to make.

  STEP 2

  Then, cut slits almost all the way through each strip, kind of like when you’re making grass for a paper craft.

  STEP 3

  Put a line of glue along the solid edge, place a popsicle stick at one end, and roll it up inside of the paper.

  STEP 4

  Add a thin piece of duct tape around the base of the paper flower to reinforce it onto the popsicle stick.

  STEP 5

  Use your fingers to bend and fluff out the pieces of paper into a flower shape.

  STEP 6

  Glue ribbon around the toilet paper roll, and then place the popsicle stick paper flowers inside the toilet paper roll.

  This is a great craft for kids.

  It would be pretty to dress up as a gift for Mom, whether it’s a wrapped package, or gift bag with a few of these paper flower stems, too!

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