Tilt Block and Tackle balances are commonly found in tilt and turn windows and can be identified by the metal channel being visible at the top of the jamb. These balances work with the pivot lock shoe to allow your window to tilt inwards. The process to replaces tilt block and tackle balances is very easy and requires only a few simple tools. For this you will need a Phillip's head screw driver and a pair of needle nose pliers. Continue reading to learn how to replace your tilt block and tackle balances.


  First, you need to lift your sash two to three inches. This is an important step that is often over looked and should be done any time you tilt in your window, even for just a cleaning.

  Raise the window sash a few inches before tilting inwards

  Once the sash is tilted in, you can begin removing the balance


  Next, you will need to disconnect the balance attachment from the shoe. There are several types of attachments, but the process would be the same for each type. You will need to get a firm grip on the attachment with a pair of needle nose pliers. Then you will need to pull down and move the attachment out and away from the balance. Slowly guide the attachment up to the balance. Do not let the attachment go at this point. Letting go of the attachment will cause it to fly up towards the balance and could damage your window or cause injury.

  Here you can see the attachment clip attached to the shoe

  Use needle nose pliers to remove the attachment clip from the shoe

  Slowly guide the attachment up to the bottom of the balance


  Finally, once the attachment is disconnected and there is no longer any tension, you can remove the balance. All you have to do is remove the screw at the top and the balance will be freed from the jamb.

  Remove the screw holding the balance in place

  Now all you have to do is reverse this process to install your new balances!

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