Not gonna be hot, but I'd rather you take 20% from downtown compared to 80%. Andy'all want to gut a skill gap in 2K21 MT the title of"realism". There is no purposeful skill gap with jump shooting anymore. You've got a green pub or you do not. Green window creates a skill gap.

This game bouta be really trash lmao. I don't find any reason to buying it unless you can't get an updated console. I do not even get why next gen would be a fantastic reason behind it. I haven't looked to much into it assumed it'd be different than the ps4/xbox 1 variant. I probably wasn't going to get it though. I don't see why it would be. Better graphics maybe. Possibly a few more features, but they will probably just be tacked on crap. What matters most is gameplay mechanics, and there is no reason why next gen will differ. It'll sell all the same, so don't anticipate anything.

Probably. I remember what they tried to perform whenever the ps4/xbone came out along with the new gen version was practically a different game. I have no idea if it is going to stick to the exact same theme, but I wouldn't buy this version until I know what the one round the corner is gonna be. I mean 2k14 was a huge step up about the newest consoles as opposed to the prior ones. I am buying it because I am getting an updated console. I can buy Mamba Edition PS4 and get both gen models and 200k VC for $100.

If I buy next gen only, regular will cost $70 alone so it makes more sense to purchase this way. Plus I will play MyTeam early for a couple months. I'm buying it since MyTeam this year seems cool. You're spending $60 to play one game style? I don't play MyCareer, just MyTeam but sometimes play Play Now or Playoffs when people come about. And people will buy it all the same. Didn't realize that I just had 5 games, made a stupid amount of builds, tested most and hated themused up my 5 games.

Yeah 5 NBA games that are quick. You are able to make 6 MyCareer assembles per account. 2K enables 5 profiles connected to one system. Therefore, if you used up your 6 builds, create a new psn and you'll have another 6. Its so great to find another meme in the legend himself. Its been some time since I've seen memes from you. Much appreciated man thanks to the support too. Okay so the shooting is a known problem. I am simply turning off the Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins meter once the game comes out btw.