Today, many companies across industries get on the course to achieving business agility to make it through in a transforming market. Agile techniques are being checked out from a much more profound perspective than just a software development methodology; agile is currently the functional design for today's digital economic climate. However, with the inception of the internet and the digital era, we witness the transformational shift where companies are coming to be a lot more innovative, collaborative, and value-oriented.

The agile impact: Agile organizations are stable as well as dynamic at the same time. With iterative modifications and continuous improvement cycles, these organizations can embrace uncertainty and ambiguity with greater confidence. They are open, inclusive, and can inculcate customer feedback at every stage of the development process. Faster product delivery is achieved as a result of agile software development, addressing the traditional ‘application delivery lag’ that most organizations face. One of the critical drivers for organizations to move to agile development is to break free of internal silos, enabling business and IT teams to work cohesively in a cross-functional and empowered network. Although it might seem unlikely, the growth achieved by agile software methodology is quantifiable. A McKinsey research report on ‘agile impact engine’ shows that agile solutions allow an improvement of 30 to 50 percent in operational performance metrics such as time-to-market, issue resolution speed, target achievement rate, and many other industry specific metrics.

The research also shows a 20 to 30 percent improvement in financial performance, affecting businesses’ bottom line. Above all, it is proven that when pressure is exerted on agile organizations, their performance improves because of external conditions. The agile operating model’s relevance is more than ever in the current scenario, where the pandemic has affected everyone, and organizations are being tested on the ability to deal with unpredictable situations.