How many times have you asked yourself how do you drink more water in a day? Well if you are like most people then the answer is that you don't. I know this because I have struggled with getting the water levels in my house where I live to be up to par and even then I am only able to drink a little more than the average person.


Water is very important to our bodies, as we need it for so many things in life. One of those things is to keep us hydrated. You can get dehydrated out camping, hiking or just running around at a hot weather event. This is a simple fact. When you are out in a hot environment, your body needs to drink more water than when staying at home.

The most common recommendation for people when they are having a drink is to grab a bottle. It's not bad advice, but it doesn't always work the way that you'd expect. Sure you might be getting a nice big bottle of water, but the taste is often horrible and by the time you've drunk half of it the flavor has been eliminated. Plus it's hard trying to down a large amount of liquid all at once. There are many other options available to you.

I'm not suggesting that you go out and buy a water bottle when you need a drink. What I am suggesting is that you use your existing water supply to supplement what you drink on a daily basis. If you know that you aren't going to be taking a big gulp of water throughout the day, try to make up for it by consuming a couple smaller ones throughout the day. This will help you see results quickly. It will also help you see how many times you have to drink a day instead of how many times you drink a day.

How do you determine how many times you should be drinking? You can divide it up into how many hours you spend working and socializing. If you socialize for eight hours or so a day, you should be making up for it with eight hours of drinking. When you divide that by how many hours you work, eight hours should be easy to make up for. Eight hours of water should easily replace three hours of coffee, or five hours of soda.


It may seem like common sense, but it really is the first step toward knowing how do you drink more water in a day. It's important for you to keep track of how much you are actually drinking so that you don't become too dehydrated. If you aren't keeping track of how much you are drinking, you will most likely be reaching for a sports drink or two during the day. This will increase your dehydration, which can cause you to feel terrible, as well as make you feel incredibly hungry, so you may want to cut back on those. If you keep track of how many drinks you are consuming, you will be able to avoid reaching for those unhealthy beverages.