WoW Classic TBC has been open for two weeks, and more and more players choose to cross the Dark Portal and fight the demons from Outlands. If you also try to level up in this way, when you start your adventure in the first area of ​​Hellfire Peninsula, you will find that there will be hundreds of people surrounding you wherever you are. This situation looks very lively and will make you feel that the game is still full of energy. At the same time, this also means that Questing in TBC Classic is more difficult than imagined.
The problem is obvious: Hellfire Peninsula is the first place for all players who cross the Dark Portal to reach, so they all want to complete the first few quests in the area, and these quests require you to kill certain monsters or talk to specific targets. . But in TBC Classic, even if you cooperate with other players to kill a monster, only the player who attacked the monster first can get XP, loot, and progress statistics. Therefore, players need to compete in the game to attack monsters first, and the spawning speed of these monsters is usually very slow. In other words, most of the time you spend completing the quests is spent waiting for new monsters to spawn, and you did not enjoy the fun of the game.
This is why we publish such a guide, instead of wasting time to complete boring tasks, it is better to explore challenging dungeons. You can easily find 4 other like-minded friends and form a dungeon team, so that you can kill monsters faster and get XP, and get more interesting Classic TBC Gold game experience.

Dungeon selection in TBC Classic
In TBC Classic, all the dungeons are designed and completed for a five-person team, so these dungeons are great and can make every member of the team play a role. Not only that, you can also get a lot of XP and some powerful loot with higher efficiency. Of course, if you want to level up in this way, you need to reach an agreement with the team members for multiple runs.
Unlike simple exploration, communication is required to complete the dungeon quickly. Each of these bosses will also bring great challenges to players. You and your teammates need to find the right strategy to defeat them, which is much more interesting than aimless exploration.
If your character has just reached level 60, then you should first try a relatively simple dungeon, Hellfire Ramparts is a very good choice. The TBC Classic Gold For Sale dungeon is currently very popular among players and is one of the best places to level up. You can see the Hellfire Ramparts team recruiting members at any time in the chat channel, so you don't need to spend too much time looking for the team.
You only need to repeat Hellfire Ramparts a few times with other members of the team to quickly improve to the first to second level within a few hours. When you reach level 62, the dungeon will not be able to meet your XP needs. It is recommended that you go to the next area-Zangarmarsh.

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