Hey Sals, I have been considering this for RuneScape gold some time... On several fansites, they have ability calculators, maps, comprehensive assistance for quests a creature and item database, and more! I think RuneScape must add this to the game or home page. There are numerous ways this could work, and it would be easy seeing as jagex would know best about the monsters and things, so that it wouldnt take too long to create these databases.

Idea 1 - An anagram of a place along with a name.

Where you click on the world map interface, it is a question mark again, but it opens a brand new thing (much like the map now, but it is a list instead, there you can pick precisely the very same things from above. If this could happen, then players clearly wouldn't want to get concealed from where they could se their screen, instead it would act like a drop box.

Just type the name of this monster, and it'll appear. When your mouse is not on the box, its transparent, but when you are on cheap OSRS gold the box, it gets sound. Furthermore, if you are done with the bestiary, then there will be tabs in the new box, so it's possible to select quicker out there. Simply have all this in a tab at which it would match, probably in the tab with the forums, highscores and these Please feel free to include anything.