I'd notice that the community has experienced a great deal of RuneScape gold apprehension towards skilling bosses / hard skilling in the past, and even still now. I am not certain why they said that in years past but it would not leave me amazed if it was due to them trying to square a skilling boss with the community's expectations for skilling. A lot of folks have complained that skilling shouldn't have expensive updates, shouldn't have a mechanical ability factor, etc..

They've pretty clearly moved past that now though, they have made many a intricate bit of skilling now including an inarguable illustration of a skilling boss. Now it's actually only a matter of filling in the blanks and innovating some good shit along the way.

We've just announced a Construction Contracts-like upgrade and a battle boss on flow, among others. Hopefully that goes a way to address it. To be completely fair . You've announced a construction rework aswell years ago, even showed some WiP. A few decades later, we saw some gamejam construction stuff that seemed promising, which also died. Why would we believe you the 3rd time around?

I love this, but if we let our past put us off doing this, then we would be in a much worse place. I'm sure we'll be showing it on livestream shortly, so hopefully you can be more reassured. From my standpoint, it is less about a fear of this Massacre or spaghetti code, and more that a potential Construction Rework has put us off from performing different jobs, but we are moving forward with buy OSRS gold this one.