Painting tools are ever-changing in the automotive industry, and they are often ostentatious. There are more and more people doing their own car maintenance, and the use of equipment has become easier and easier. The emergence of automobile paint spray guns has also given a new level of self-beauty.

If you want to know more about the benefits of a pneumatic paint spray gun, you must first know what it is?

1. It is a tool for spraying paint and a new form of painting equipment. It consists of four parts: gun body, needle valve, spray nozzle and nozzle, and can also be connected to paint storage such as pumps, pressure barrels, and pressure tanks. With the development, it becomes more time-sensitive and beautiful.

2. The principle of automobile paint spray gun: It mainly uses the film effect and viscosity and hysteresis of water to make the paint mist be attracted to the water curtain to be purified by the airflow during the scattering process, and then we have to experience the purification of the second water curtain , Once again undergoes the device of steam-water separation, and finally discharges the purified gas to the outdoors.

3. Classification of automotive paint spray guns:

Pressure-feed manual paint spray gun: The process of applying paint is carried out from an external paint supply device. The most perfect point at present is that the pressure given by the paint supply can apply paint to multiple spray guns at the same time. This type is suitable for continuous injection and mass injection.

Gravity manual paint spray gun: It is also called the upper pot spray gun by many professionals. It mainly uses the law of gravity to make the paint flow quickly from the pot on the top to the nozzle below, and then use the power of the wind to make it atomize and then Squirting. This method is the only way to repair small areas. In the process of use, we can adjust the pressure by increasing the potential energy of the paint.

Suction-up manual paint spray gun: It mainly uses the kinetic energy flow rate of the high-speed airflow to make the spray gun appear a partial vacuum, and quickly generates a strong vacuum suction force to quickly suck the paint inside the carrier to the nozzle mouth for atomization and then Squirting. This is the category with excellent spray paint effects and is a process suitable for large-area spraying.

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