What is the difference between ordinary magnet and Strong NdFeB Magnet?

First of all, there is a fundamental difference between the two types of magnets. Ordinary magnets are weak and can be used by children, but NdFeB magnets cannot be touched by children at will, because it is a very strong magnet. The magnetic force of ordinary magnets and strong magnets is several times, several times or even hundreds of times that of ordinary magnets. This is the essential difference between them, namely the magnitude of the magnetic force.

NdFeB magnets are hard and hard: strong magnets increase the density of rare elements, making the magnet harder than ordinary magnets. The inevitable collision of the magnetic badge during use will not affect the integrity of the magnet. Ordinary magnets are fragile and cannot maintain their appearance for a long time. Accuracy: The fineness of the powerful magnet is very good. Whether it is dimensional tolerance or performance magnetic value, there are professional machines such as Gauss meter to measure, indicating the magnetization direction, so that the error can be ignored, while the ordinary magnet production process is rough, because other errors are not fully calculated, so that the available functions are greatly reduced .

NdFeB magnet resistance resistance: ordinary magnets will be demagnetized and demagnetized in the air. Strong magnets are mainly composed of rare elements, and metal magnet badges have high coercivity. In the natural environment and normal conditions, it will not affect its magnetic force at all, and it ensures the stability of the magnetic force. The difference between the exposed magnets is that the Permanent Magnet Components surface can ensure that the magnet is not corroded by acids and alkalis.