The popularity of the intermittent diet seems to be on the rise this year. Naturally, because the intermittent diet is considered easier to live than other diets.

While traditional diets tend to have to limit calories all the time, intermittent diets or fasting diets are not.

One variant of the intermittent diet that can be tried is a diet with a 5:2 pattern. To implement this diet, we only need to limit calorie intake two days a week.

For example, on Mondays and Thursdays we only consume 25 percent of our daily calories, or about 600 calories for men.

Then, the remaining five days we can eat normally without calorie restriction.

We may think that calorie restriction for two days is a terrible thing, but for those on the 5:2 diet it is not a problem.

In fact, 5:2 dieters claim this diet can improve focus and concentration, as well as an overall healthy lifestyle.

I'm an intermittent dieter and have tried several approaches."

Even so, Williams admits he prefers to go on an intermittent diet with a 16:8 pattern or fast 16 hours and eat for eight hours, rather than a 5:2 approach.

"I really love food and was not happy to realize I was only getting 500 calories for one day," says Williams.

 As explained in the first paragraph, the 5:2 dieter consumes only 25 percent of the normal calorie requirement for two days, or about 600 calories per day for men.

While the remaining five days, we can eat as usual without having to limit calories.

This diet is relatively popular with people trying to lose weight, because the drastic reduction in calories makes their weight loss efforts effective.

Also, people love the 5:2 diet because they have something to look forward to, which is the day they can eat unlimited food.

However, experts advise us to eat healthy foods when we don't need to limit calories, so don't overeat.

If we follow the 5:2 diet and consume excessive calories for five days, our efforts to lose weight will hardly pay off. 

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