Float Pontoon Factory introduces the characteristics and value of floats:

1. Safety and stability: The non-slip design on the surface of the engineering buoy prevents people from the common dangers of general wooden facilities.
2. High bearing capacity: different sizes have different buoyancy.
3. Service life: 15 years.
4. Multi-purpose: can be widely used in various fields.
5. Economical: low maintenance and repair costs.
6. Easy to install and dismantle: It can be installed and dismantled quickly and easily.
7. Strong resistance: anti-ultraviolet, anti-sea water, anti-freezing, chemical agents, oil stains, etc.
8. Mobile variability: It can be changed according to needs and combined into facilities of any size and structure.
② Withstand tension: 1.8 tons to 2 tons. (The tensile strength tested by the diagonal ear with a pontoon)
③ It is resistant to general acid and alkali and solar UV radiation.
④ High-temperature resistance: high temperature 190℃, low temperature -50℃.
⑤ Environmentally friendly materials do not produce toxic chemicals (such as dioxin).
⑥ It can withstand more than 15 years under normal use (no external force, special puncture, cut).
⑦ The pontoon can be disassembled and recombined at any time, and the platform can be changed many times. It is easy to assemble (with tools).
⑨ If the fixed system is good, it can generally resist 9~10 strong winds and 7~8 waves.
⑩ The disassembly and assembly of the platform are very convenient, and there is basically no need for maintenance.

Through the above introduction, China Jet Ski Dock Factory hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.