Depending on how objective we try to be, the appearance of a company's front-end affects our first impression. We can tell how much a firm cares about its image, how important quality is in the organization's ideals, and so on by looking at its front-end. As a result, high-end enterprises don't cut corners when it comes to "their face." They are aware that all of their investments will be repaid.

React.js is the strongest front-end framework, according to the data. As per the 2019 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, React.js is the most popular and desired framework. Between January 2019 and January 2020, Node Package Manager received over 276 million downloads, considerably outpacing its competitors. React.js developers are in high demand, with 148 thousand stars on Github and the technology used by some Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tesla, and other Fortune 500 firms.

To get the top React.js engineers for your project, follow these four steps:


Choose software development company

The top developers work for the best firms. To find a Reactjs development company, look for popular review platforms that collect customer feedback and organise companies by various criteria, such as country, company employees strength. Examine the company portfolio, paying particular attention to the technology required, and schedule an appointment with a company's manager to learn more about the collaboration process.

The developers' wage, which is among the largest of JavaScript developers, reflects the great demand for React.js technology. According to PayScale, the United States has the highest average salary at $93,025 per year. Though not every company can afford such a high charge, there are plenty of other countries with superior knowledge to select from.

Check previous work portfolios

The background for next steps of interviews is an effective candidate's portfolio. It gives a broad overview of their field of expertise. The following are the most important points to remember:

  • Is a candidate's familiarity with React.js sufficient for your project?
  • They are developing SPAs as examples.
  • Prior clients' recommendations and familiarity with freshly released features, frameworks, and UI updates in React.

Check both soft and technical abilities

You will be working with this person, so make sure they are dependable, capable of meeting deadlines, clearly communicating ideas, and listening to others. While you can test your own personal talents, the technical aspect is more difficult and should be handled by a React.js developer on your team. They can assess their knowledge of JavaScript, React's potential in contrast to other technologies, and knowledge of React-compatible architectural patterns, among other things.

Essential interview questions to remember

If you don't have access to a React.js developer, prepare to shoulder the burden on your own. Prepare a list of interview questions and make sure you know the correct answers:

  • React is compared to another JavaScript framework.
  • What is the difference between Real and Virtual DOM?
  • What are props and how should they be used?
  • What exactly is JSX?
  • In React, define the difference between pure and generic components.
  • What is the difference between the ES5 and ES6 syntax?
  • Compare and contrast MVC and Flux.
  • What are React's stumbling blocks?
  • Why did you choose React?

Final Work

Though the entire process appears to be difficult, the four stages listed above will assist you in making it go more smoothly and quickly. If you opt to look into Technoduce for React.js expertise, we'd be delighted to assist you! Hire reactjs developer from us now. For more information visit our website: