precision universal joint has great angular compensation ability, compact structure and high transmission efficiency, which can effectively connect power machinery and working machinery. It has been widely used in automobile, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery and shipbuilding industries in China.

As China's automobile production and sales have declined in the past few years, but the construction machinery is good, and the number of new ship orders in shipbuilding industry has increased, the downstream demand of cardan shaft industry is generally strong.

  1. The automobile production and sales decreased obviously, but the maintenance market prospered due to the increase of the quantity.

After more than 60 years of development, China's automobile manufacturing industry has made great achievements, ranking first in global automobile production and sales for ten consecutive years. Affected by policies and macroeconomic factors, China's automobile production and sales volume is lower than expected at the beginning of the year. The decline in automobile production and sales volume means that the new car market is in a hot state, which has a negative impact on the demand for automobile universal joints.

However, the number of cars still keeps a steady and expanding trend, and the number of private cars keeps increasing. The expansion of car ownership provides a foundation for the development of automobile after-sales market, and at the same time, the demand for universal joints in automobile modification and automobile maintenance expands.

  1. The output of excavators and loaders kept increasing.

Affected by the adjustment of industrial economic structure and capacity reduction, China's construction machinery industry experienced a trough a few years ago, and its output dropped sharply. However, due to the development of infrastructure, the construction machinery industry began to pick up, showing a good development trend. The increase of the output of main products in the construction machinery industry provides the development foundation for the universal cardan shaft and special cardan shaft in the construction machinery manufacturing.

  1. The shipbuilding industry has developed well.

The shipbuilding industry has ushered in a new opportunity of comprehensive opening up and high-quality development. Thanks to the joint efforts of the whole industry, China's universal joint manufacturer has shown a good situation in which the three major shipbuilding indicators remain ahead, the competitiveness of key shipbuilding enterprises is constantly improving, the excess capacity is effectively reduced, the ship repair industry is running well, the new offshore equipment is developing rapidly, and new breakthroughs are made in the research and development of ship matching products.