As for the quality of the path light, everyone knows that the important thing is the battery. If the battery is of poor quality, the battery will slowly lose power after half a year of use, which will seriously affect the normal lighting of the path light. In order to retain customers and reduce the price of path lights to attract customers, some solar path light manufacturers will start from the configuration of path lights and reduce the configuration of path lights.

Old-fashioned path lights need to pay high electricity bills to maintain lighting, and often need to maintain and repair lines and related configurations, so there has always been a relatively high maintenance cost, but solar path light only need one installation cost, and basically do not need special maintenance in the later period, so solar path light have great advantages in cost saving.

Old-fashioned path lights often have some potential safety hazards, such as aging of materials, abnormal power supply caused by construction quality, conflict between water and electricity pipelines, etc. However, solar path light do not have these problems, and they operate safely and reliably, and are ultra-low voltage products, so they are safer.

Solar energy path light has long service life, environmental protection and safety, and will not produce any harmful substances to human body. Solar path light can be used in various environments and weather conditions, and can work normally even in storm and blizzard weather.

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