H says the gnome engine will be very tough to get hold of since it's a rather closely gaurded secret. A number of the 13th squad may tell you though. Go talk to any of the 13th squad in ape atoll. They'll say that they wil lgive you one, but it has to be held under supvervision at all times and you'll need to RuneScape gold help them infiltrate the Monkey Secret lair. This is on crash island. Fly to wreck island and match with all the remains of the 13 squadron, use a machete on one of those trees and head to the opening for a monkey.

The chamber turns out to be a magician of monkey war and involves the monkeys utilising a magical webway consturcted by an unamed figure to pop out of ardouge and ruin the \"menace\" Inform the gnomes of this and they will then inform you you can get the motor, however Tegim will accompany you on your journey.

Give murphey all the materials and prepare to set sail. The boat is like a katameran (two hulled) and you get to the mysterious gliders. You must have range or mage equip as you are attacked by 5 level 108 Monkey gliders! You have to kill all of them before they destroy the boat but they can only be assaulted that Buy old school runescape gold the stove or mage! Sadly the ship is stuck in the middle of the ocean, therefore Tegim decides to use the gnome tracker apparatus. This begins a short minigame where you must keep the lever at the green for 1minute by holding your home to allow it to go up and letting head to make it move down, the green area will move about using all the differenet frequencies.