In recent years, the country has vigorously developed prefabricated buildings. Many people have only begun to pay attention to this type of building in the past two years, especially those who want to build houses. What is the difference, let’s talk about it today.

Prefabricated buildings refer to buildings assembled on site with prefabricated components produced by factories. The prefabricated construction mode adopts standardized design, factory production, and assembly construction, which transfers a large number of on-site operations from traditional construction methods to the factory. It is a new type of construction production method that can realize the energy saving, environmental protection, and the maximum value of the whole life cycle of the building products.

Prefabricated buildings are mainly divided into three technical modes, prefabricated concrete structure, steel structure and wooden structure. The three technologies are self-contained systems, each with their own advantages. Light steel structure building is a kind of prefabricated building.

1. Fabricated precast concrete structure

Relatively low cost, broad application

The prefabricated concrete structure has a low construction cost and is suitable for multi-storey, small high-rise office buildings and residential buildings with a large volume and a wide area. The prefabricated concrete structure focuses on the componentization of external wall panels, internal wall panels, floor slabs and other components based on the traditional technical framework. The componentization rate is 40%-50%. If it is extended to the integration of on-site decoration, the cost can be further reduced to It is close to the cost of traditional technology, and can achieve high efficiency of about 5 days to build a first floor. There are a wide range of application scenarios in large-volume and wide-area multi-storey buildings, especially in the residential sector.

2. Fabricated wood structure

High cost, national conditions determine application scenarios are limited

In recent years, most of the wood structures that have appeared are low-density and high-end wood structure villas, mainly to cater to consumers' preference for wood, which is a traditional natural building material, by consumers at a certain level. The overall size of the industry is small.

Good shock resistance, different cost, wide range of applications

At present, the domestic steel structure industry has a high degree of marketization, low industry concentration, and serious homogeneity competition. According to the technology and use, the steel structure industry can be divided into three sub-sectors: light steel structure, multi-high-rise steel structure, and space steel structure.

The fabricated steel structure has good seismic resistance and is suitable for high-rise buildings. The fabricated steel structure is mainly composed of steel beams, steel columns, steel trusses and other components made of section steel and steel plates. Welds, bolts or rivets are usually used between each component or component connection. It is widely used in large-scale factories, venues, super high-rise buildings, residential buildings and other fields.

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