Cleaning and maintenance of Commercial Water Dispenser

  Unfortunately, even the so-called cleaning Commercial Water Dispenser requires some manual cleaning from time to time. The cleaning system can prevent harmful microorganisms from accumulating in the water tank, so it is very important to follow the cooler manufacturer's recommendations for cleaning.

  How to clean the water cooler system (step by step)

  To clean the Commercial Water Dispenser:

  Water pipe

  Remove your hose

  Take the water pipes out of the water cooler system, taking care not to damage them in the process.

  Make a white distilled vinegar solution

  White distilled vinegar is a good natural cleaner because it has high acidity and can remove hard-to-reach stains. To clean the house, you only need to pour distilled vinegar into a small bowl (large enough to hold the hose). Make sure the vinegar is white and not colored so that it does not stain your hose.

  Add your hose to the solution

  Put the hose in the vinegar solution, make sure it is completely submerged, and then let it sit for 10 minutes to allow the acid to work.

  Remove the hoses and reconnect them to the cooler

  After 10 minutes, remove the hose and run it under the kitchen faucet to remove the vinegar inside. Then reconnect them to your water dispenser device and continue normal use.

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