You must beware! Kenyan Huduma Namba's online application charging KSh200 fees is a scam

On April 2, 2019, Kenya officially launched the National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS), commonly known as Huduma Namba.

The biometric system will capture and manage information about citizens and others living in Kenya.

The program will help citizens access government services faster and more efficiently, the Interior Ministry said.

But as the registration campaign grows, social media makers try to make money.
Fake Google Form on Facebook

A Facebook page has published a list of "Huduma Namba facts" that includes a link for "online registration". This brings users to a Google form called "Huduma Namba Application", which shows an example of a Huduma map.

It reads as follows: "All citizens over the age of 18 will have to submit their applications online by April 15, 2019 to allow the allocation of Huduma numbers to be used for processing Huduma cards."

Then comes the sign that this is a scam: "An applicant must pay a non-refundable fee of 200 KSh."

The form includes a bank account number and an M-Pesa payment slip number.
Is there a fee for the Huduma Namba app?

Africa Check asked Okitch Otieno, deputy county commissioner and one of the government officials responsible for overseeing the registration campaign, whether a payment should be made as part of a Huduma Namba application.

"The Huduma registration exercise is absolutely free," he said.

"No one is supposed to pay anything to anyone. In addition, the data entry forms must be completed on paper and forwarded to the nearest deputy head office or where the registration assistants are located. "

He added, "If there is someone who asks people to pay, this is a matter to investigate and if it is a fraudster, the law will take its course. We take this seriously and we will bring such offenders to justice. "
Will successful applicants receive a Huduma card?

Otieno said the Huduma card would not be issued immediately after a successful registration. Successful applicants will instead receive an acknowledgment of receipt.

"After following the registration exercise, you will no longer receive a Huduma Namba card, as claimed by social media," he said.

"You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt indicating that you have participated and that you have registered. The Huduma Namba will come at a later date.
Is the Huduma sample card authentic?

The Huduma map example used on the Google form has been posted on Facebook by other users who have expressed their views on the current registration process.

However, in his previous articles on Facebook and Twitter, Huduma Kenya explained that it was a card issued for the first time in 2016 by Huduma Kenya, MasterCard and four local banks for electronic payments made by the government.

"The image of the Huduma map ... has no connection with the Huduma Namba (NIIMS) and we are not currently issuing any Huduma map in any of our Huduma centers," reads in the Twitter article.

Senior Secretary of the Interior Karanja Kibicho also published a tweet denouncing the sampling of maps that bypassed social media. - Dancan Bwire (16/04/2019)