As we all know, in TBC Classic, the hunter is one of the most popular classes, because the hunter can cause amazing damage to monsters in battle. At present, the two tiers of Warlock and Hunter have become the best choices for most DPS tier lists, so those players who did not create these two tiers have created new characters and used level boost, thus quickly reaching level 58. In this guide, we will conduct a detailed study on the hunter's pet.

The pets in TBC Classic are divided into three families-Cats, Ravagers, and Scorpids. In TBC Classic, Cats and Scorpids have become mainstream pets used by most hunter players. As a new pet member in TBC Classic, Ravager's performance is very exciting. First of all, how should we obtain these three pets?

It is very easy to capture Ravager after the TBC Classic is released. You can find Quillfang Ravager directly on Hellfire Peninsula, where is the starting camp. In fact, Alliance can go to Azuremyst Isle and choose the one you like from Ravager Specimen and Death Ravager before TBC is released, but you need to level up and improve your combat effectiveness in advance, otherwise you may endanger your life.
As the most common and beautiful pet in the game, cats are also what most players want to own. Cats have many different appearances. You can go to Petoptia and catch your favorite one. Their Classic TBC Gold combat power will not let you down.
In WoW Classic, Scorpids are popular with hunters like cats. Unlike cats that are full of offensive desires, Scorpids have excellent defensive performance. If you like to challenge solo, then their strong resistance and higher endurance can help you. Unfortunately, there are not many colors in Scorpids, and you can only choose from a limited number of options.

PvP pet selection
If you want a pet that can play a role in Arena, then Scorpid is undoubtedly the best choice. Although cats have stealth skills, active attacks will exit the stealth state. Therefore, stacking poison damage caused by scorpion poison can help you solve the enemy as soon as possible.

Leveling pet selection
For BM, most pets meet the requirements. But we recommend that you choose Boar, because its active and passive abilities are very good, like the above-mentioned Gore, plus the addition of both Dash and Charge, Boars are a solid pet. Not only that, it is not difficult to catch this pet, whether TBC Classic Gold For Sale you are Horde or Alliance, you can easily find them. Of course, you can also choose Bats or Owls, Bats are more Horde focused while Owls tend to be easier for Alliance.

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