The die casting industry in our country started late and faces some problems in all aspects. Die casting manufacturer will have to face only more problems. Today we will talk about the problem of talents.

Automobile aluminum alloy die-casting involves product scheme design, mold design and manufacturing, material development and preparation, die-casting process control, post-processing, and other links. It requires the company to have relevant senior technical personnel and skilled technical workers. Other technologies are different, the mobility of talents between enterprises is not highly adaptable, and the talent stratification is obvious. Most of the existing die-casting enterprise's reserve talents through internal training. Companies that are new to the industry usually lack a stable technical team, and it is difficult to obtain professional and technical personnel with rich experience in a short period, which has become a talent barrier for them to enter the die-casting industry.

In addition, the production of OEM aluminum enclosure is not simple, so talent is very important, and technology is also very important.