With many of the wooden crafts for kids wholesale  projects I do, there will be a lot left over or half used supplies and if I think anything could possibly be used later on for another craft, I have to keep it! This happened with the Egg Carton Wreath we made a few months ago. Since I knew she had spent a good amount of time cutting them, I held on to them.


  Egg Cartons

  Acrylic Paint

  Paint Brush

  Gold Stretch Cord

  Large Eye Needle


  I love metallics so right away I knew I wanted to paint the twig gold and incorporate that throughout the rest of the project. I used our Gold Color Splash! Acrylic Paint, one coat actually covered the twig very nicely. Set aside to dry.

  Next, since you probably don’t have leftover egg carton flowers, you will need to cut some. I used 14 strings, but you can choose whatever number you’d like or think looks best. Once you cut out all the flowers, paint them. It looks nice to have some variety, so I used two different shades of pink, orange, and yellow. After the base color was dry, I dabbed on gold paint to create a gold leaf look. Set aside to dry.

  Take a needle and poke holes through the center of each flower. Our Large Eye Needle creates the perfect size hole to thread the Gold Stretch Cord through.

  Measure and cut five strands of the Gold Stretch Cord. I wanted to create a “V” look for my mobile, so to do this, cut the end strands the shortest and increase the length for the next strands in and make the center strand the longest.

  Tie all of your strands of Gold Stretch Cord to the twig. Make sure the length between each is even.

  When adding the Egg Carton Flowers, start working one row at a time, from top to bottom. Tie a knot after each flower so that it won’t slide down. Try to make sure that the flowers in each row are all at the same height. If it helps, you can place a little mark on each string where every flower goes.

  Cut another strand of the Gold Stretch Cord (or any other type of string, I just used the same so it will match!) to use to hang your mobile. Now hang your beautiful creation up for everyone to see!

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