Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis was released on June 9, and there are many changes in this game. The new content in this game brings you a better gaming experience. This new content includes a variety of action skills, not only will it be easier to move and explore the open field, but it can also be used in combat with enemies. Let’s introduce the new action skills in Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis.

How To Get Skill Points In Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis?

Photon Dash

Action that can move at high speed. Press and hold the step button or key to start Photon Dash. Also, during the photon dash, the jumping power will increase and you can jump to a greater location. Beneficial for moving and exploring fields.

Photon Glide

Action to move in the air. Start by pressing and holding the jump button or key, or jumping again during the two-step jump. Since the fall speed slows down during the photon ride, it can be used in various situations such as exploring fields with different heights and fighting huge enemies.

Wall Kick

An action that allows you to kick the wall and jump even more. You will have the ability to reach heights that can not be reached with just a typical jump, so if you make good use of it, the variety of your search will expand.

Photon Blast

A special relocation can be utilized by accumulating the photon blast scale. The gauge gradually accumulates in time and also assaults, and when it reaches its maximum, you can turn on Photon Blast by taking in all the scales. Each weapon has its assault, both of which are fancy as well as effective.

Finally, we can use PSO2 NGS Meseta to strengthen our skills, which can help us become stronger in this game.