Sneak around and attack the Myortanian camp stay on the high ground and snipe the RuneScape gold attackers. When you're attacking, you'll have just 1 interface, a combat interface. When every-man-for-himself is evaporating, it is time to return into the Salve. When you get back to the Salve you're advised to build barricades and set up a raft to begin getting the wounded out. Once you are told what to build, you'll have 2 minutes before the vampires get to the Salve.

Once the vampires get into the Salve, you are told to fallback throughout the river and start to fight from across the river. Once across the river you want to fight and maintain the Salve for 5 minutes while forces out of Varrock come to support you.

The warriors in this minigame would be the backbone of this minigame. If you're a warrior you're on the frontlines. You'll be attacked by 50 level 30 witches first. If you hold them off you may be assaulted by 50 level 50 vampires. If you figure out how to hold them off you'll be assaulted by 100 level 50 vampires.

Whenever you're overrun you're told to fallback to the Salve and hold off the remaining witches until service comes. When you drop back you will be assaulted by one wave of vampires under you. For example: If you were on 50 level 50 vampires, you will be assaulted by 50 level 30 vampires. Don't worry, however, you aren't the only person to be fighting with Old school rs gold the vampires. When you're overrun though, all of you will be advised to fallback.