New Drop Jordans look at the hatred and shame in the past, you can clearly see that Air Jordan 1 is actually quite innovative. In the past few months, its color scheme has surpassed that of High, with Swooshes of strokes, and even elements inspired by animation. Here, the silhouette is just a further experiment, adding DIY to its already extensive toolbox. Seemingly simple, this AJ1 Mid is like a coloring book turned into a shoe. Thin pen graphics decorate the entire forefoot and most of the sides, and mirrored prints and patterns are found above. The white background only serves this inspiration, allowing a person to inject his own personality and style. At the back, the ankle flaps, heels, laces and lining are not very customizable, and their blackened finishes are just a stage for the common Wings and Jumpman brands.

2020 Air Jordans started on Halloween, decorating their dunk low costumes suitable for this holiday. Although the inline version of the sub-tags is a bit earlier, their interpretation is impossible compared to the dilapidated couple in the picture. This costume imitates the tulle wrapped around the mummy, which is an old-fashioned look that has never been done before. A bright, off-white shade was used throughout the exterior, with frayed edges, reflecting centuries of history. This way of execution also adds weight to the two-layer design and adds some storyline to the previous treatments that were only used for aesthetic purposes. ,Elsewhere, in addition to blue suede swooshshoes, a finish that glows in the dark is visible everywhere, adding a glossy sole, back heel, and tongue tag from its appearance.

Buy Jordan Soles With the summer heat, people's demand for lightweight sports shoes is getting higher and higher, and Nike has not hesitated to introduce new sandals. The avant-garde Nike Air Rift has returned to black and brown colors, and subtle hints of multicolor have also been seen. The female exclusive seems to include a tan neoprene-like base, intercepted by a black nylon toe and mid-foot covering. In true air rift fashion, the appearance of split toes and the presence of midfoot straps. In addition to the unique tabi design, a small embroidered Swoosh can also be seen on the toes, choosing a soft rainbow look. This multi-colored appearance is also displayed in the embroidered Nike text on the heel strap. There are more colors under the white midsole. This is a sustainable Regrind rubber outsole composed of colored spots.