Ball bearings are small spherical materials that help prevent friction and obvious friction and breakage of appliance components. The deep groove ball bearing maybe just a kind of ball bearing.

Deep groove ball bearing

Deep groove ball bearings have a groove on the outside and inside. These grooves reduce the strain near the bearing, so they can withstand greater loads and operate at high speeds.


Deep groove ball bearings can be used in any equipment that uses ball bearings to prevent serious friction. These include automobiles, healthcare equipment, tractors, and difficult drives.


The size of shielded ball bearings is indeed comparable to ordinary ball bearings, in addition, they also help to draw out the obvious external precision machinery from the external components. In addition, avoid obvious grease leakage. Sealed ball bearings are comparable in size and have obvious grease leakage function.


Deep groove ball bearings can be faster than ordinary ball bearings, with higher running noise, less vibration, longer equipment life, enhanced capacity and higher accuracy.

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