What kind of film is used for heat transfer printing film? Thermal transfer film can be divided into lettering film, release film, and decorative film. If you make a careful distinction, heat transfer, lettering film, and decorative film are all heat transfer lettering film, and release film is a printing substrate, so after so much knowledge of heat transfer printing film, let’s point it away Type film.

The release film is to coat the silicone release agent on the surface of environmentally friendly materials, such as PE, PET, OPP film, so that it can exhibit a stable and extremely light release force against different organic pressure-sensitive adhesives. Different organic pressure-sensitive adhesives, such as acrylic adhesives, hot melt adhesives and pressure-sensitive adhesives of rubber systems, etc., require different release forces, which are aimed at isolating the release and viscosity of product adhesives. Adjust it to make it stable during peeling. The thermal transfer manufacturer also has a great influence on the release film. For example, the coating workshop environment is too dirty, and there are a lot of suspended solids in the air. The purification device is not good and there is no dust removal facility. It is also very bad. The coating machine and contact parts should be cleaned. In the whole process of coating, there is no antistatic treatment during the coating process, which will also cause too much static charge and easily adsorb many impurities. If the heat transfer ink is not filtered, the heat transfer ink itself will have various ingredients or be polluted by facilities, tools, and the environment during the preparation process.

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