Construction has uses outside of POH too, for significant quest reqs and 90 is needed to build the best tier Anachronia spots. Required for some pof pens, I believe 90 is necessary for the massive dino pen. Not even the altars anymore, there is the wildy one.What do you really mean? They OSRS gold already added an alternate way to train structure: OP seasonal events.

Hope you're kidding because these are crap xp. Sure it's"afk" but it is still crap as a training method and articles. It's afk and completely free. Garbage articles tho for sure that I concur. Jagex has gotten idle asf, cause idle content gets them more money for less effort. And all they care about is money, there is no enthusiasm for the game anymore.

Almost made me just change my mind about RuneScape

Yeah people underestimate how op those items are. I got 75 summoning on a new ironman just afking the christmas summoning xp thing. I have a buddy who got 96ish summoning on his hardcore way. Crazy. I am still beneath the view that these seasonal events should have never been available by ironmen.

It is what happens away the whole game style for me and yes I know I will"choose" to not partake in these events myself but the simple fact that the ethics on a mode that actually defines"integrity" has that removed from it, is rather honestly disappointing.Completely agree. I recall when I first started my ironman I had been watching some guy on youtube log his progress. Almost made me only change my thoughts about starting one.

Ended up making one anyways and only avoid the events like the plague. Nonetheless, it seems terrible to even know that it may be done.Friend of mine IIRC went to some thing in the range of 85-90 construction from the shore event from a minimal level. My ironmans 90 dg scarcely did some POH stuff, 90 dung with runescape gold 2107 no EDs or real dung.Only did it for ports access for whenever its members, so I can eventually access this armour and weapons.