What Are Exercise Ball Workouts? Simply put, an exercise ball workout is an intense session where you utilize balls on a firm surface to assist you in balance and strength. The balls used are usually constructed from PVC, lightweight non-marring material and are typically filled with either air or water. Together they create resistance that forces you to work out your entire body as they provide balance and stability.


A large number of people suffer from some type of back pain. In most cases, it involves the lower back, but sometimes it can extend into the upper back as well. If you're currently suffering from back pain and are not working out on an exercise ball, it's likely that you are experiencing difficulty with one of your major muscle groups. So if you were to use these exercises to work out your core muscles, you would effectively be eliminating any problems with your back pain. To make sure you can avoid any further back pain related to your workout, it's highly suggested that you continue to do your exercise ball workouts for as long as you are comfortable.


If you look at the abdominals, they are one of the most underdeveloped areas in the human body. However, if you combine your core strength training with exercise ball workouts, you'll discover that your midsection has been completely transformed. So don't think that these workouts won't have an impact on your abs. They will!


Many people focus on their abdominals during their exercise routines, but few realize just how important your obliques and external obliques are. You see, they stabilize your spine so you're able to maintain good posture while you're sitting, standing and walking around. Plus they are also responsible for helping you maintain a straight torso when you're performing different types of push-ups and sit-ups. As you may be aware, these muscles play an extremely important role in maintaining balance as well. If you were to workout your core muscles and neglect these muscles, you would find yourself spinning your wheels in no time at all.


One thing you should always remember when you're doing any type of exercise ball workouts is to always focus on form over performance. When you perform a series of push-ups or sit-ups, you're lifting the entire body. With exercise ball workouts, you should be focusing only on the weight being lifted, which makes it much more challenging to failure. If you ever fall off of your ball during a workout, just start over until you can get back up. And, don't worry about getting a new ball, most exercise balls are small enough to be easily stored in a closet.


Now, there are many different types of exercise balls available on the market. Some of the most popular brands include Reebok, Kettler, Powertec, and Bowflex. Exercise balls from these brands are built with quality construction and feature sturdy material to keep you safe and to ensure that you get optimal results every single time. These exercise balls aren't just for big guys. Even women can benefit from doing their workouts on a high quality ball.