Is there a difference between SLA, VLRA, and AGM?

  SLA (sealed lead acid) and VRLA (valve regulated lead acid) are different abbreviations for the same battery. This battery type has the following characteristics: maintenance-free, leak-proof, and location-insensitive. This battery has a safety vent that can release gas when the internal pressure is too high. AGM (absorbent glass mat) refers to a specific type of SLA/VRLA in which the electrolyte is absorbed into the separator between plates composed of sponge-like fine glass fiber mats. SLA batteries are divided into specific battery subsets.

  What is the difference between a Sealed AGM Battery and a gel battery?

  Both types of batteries are sealed valve-regulated batteries and can be used in any position. The difference lies in the way the electrolyte is fixed. For AGM (absorbent glass mat), the newer of these two technologies, the electrolyte is absorbed by a glass fiber separator, which is like a sponge. In a gel-type battery, the liquid electrolyte turns into a gel immediately after the battery is fully charged. Gel batteries use different types of non-absorbent separators. Due to design reasons, the power capacity provided by the gel battery is different from the Sealed AGM Battery with the same physical size. For example, the Sealed AGM Battery of 12V 100AH, and the gel battery of the same size, its rated value is only 84AH. However, gel batteries perform well in terms of slow discharge rates and slightly higher operating temperatures.

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