In many products, China lead die casting is a very important part.

Die-casting has high production efficiency and can die-casting die-casting parts with complex shapes, precise dimensions, clear outlines, high surface quality and strength, and hardness, so it is widely used and develops rapidly.

Die-casting alloy is one of the elements of die-casting production. To produce excellent die-casting parts, in addition to reasonable part structure, well-designed die-casting mold, and die-casting machine with superior process performance, alloys with good performance are also required. The section thickness of die-casting parts depends on the stress it bears and the strength of the alloy material itself. Higher-strength is one of the advantages of die-casting alloys. When selecting a die-casting alloy, full consideration should be given to various factors such as its performance, process performance, use occasion, production conditions, and economy.

For example, the China zinc die casting manufacturer will choose the alloy with good performance and suitability.