The weapons moved likely will not be PSO2 Meseta for sale worth much , or simply bound to you on transport.

Actual pog news, I can't wait to receive my pc so I could leave Xbox, like Jesus a full block in the gate entry gives me 7 eyeglasses that I mean, like every MMO it likely won't have a lot of content on discharge. . .you can play that other game in the other blocks while waiting for content though.... I mean, just like any MMO it probably will not have much content on discharge. . .you could play that other game in the other blocks while waiting for articles though.... Compared to outfits and wearable items out of PSO2, those of PSO2:NGS are far better in graphics, and also the character's fingers move when outfitted.

Well even CAST parts can't be mix and mash between variations, for example if you wanna equip NGS Arm and a PSO2 Body, I think it won't operate. You had to be either full PSO2 CAST components, or full PSO2 NGS CAST parts to have the ability to work. But hopefully they will change it later on so that we could mix and sew to our hearts content later on. Your own midget friend. That sits in your"my room" and can be sent on fetch quests (and from time to time will show up as a random etrial).

In the fan-translation they have been known as"Partners" that are characters that you create that can sit around in your Personal Quarters, do draw quests for you, and serve as a private ally (similar to a pawn in Dragon's Dogma but with much less performance ). I believe the only other newish thing PSO2:NGS desires for me personally, is mega, giga, gargantuan, and cheap Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta also titanic/monolithic enemies at the open field that are best fought in AIS's. (or fled from in the event that you're not in a AIS due to just like some size based damage increase which makes them 1-shot characters around the ground.)