What is the height of the shower faucet?

The installation height of the shower faucet is usually 1100mm, and the installation height of the shower head is 2000-2200mm. General requirements for the installation of standard dimensions of sanitary products:

1. Toilet paper hanging ring: It is divided into two types, with cover and without cover. The distance from the wall is 700 mm, and the height from the ground is 1000 mm.

2. Towel bar and towel hanging ring: the height refers to the height of the customer (controlled at 1300~1400mm), where the height of the hanging ring is 900mm.

3. Toilet brush and bracket: usually installed in a hidden place near the toilet, with a height of 100 mm from the ground.

4. Bathroom mirror: The installation height of the bathroom mirror is 1300mm, and the height of the mirror is 500~600mm.

5. Bathtub towel rack: usually installed above the bathtub with a height of 1800 mm.

6. Shower tray: Usually installed in the shower area, it is used to put bath liquid, soap, shampoo, etc. Installation height is 1200mm

7. Shower manifold: The installation height is 1100mm, and the showerhead installation height is 2000~2200mm.

8. Bathrobe hook: usually installed near the shower screen or bathtub, the installation height is 1800mm, and the installation distance is 200mm.

9. The bathtub is divided into a free-standing bathtub and on-stage bathtub according to installation. When the freestanding bathtub is placed against the wall, it can be equipped with a concealed faucet. When placed independently, it is generally equipped with a floor bathtub faucet. The width of the bathtub on the counter is 900mm, the bottom of the bathtub is 100mm from the ground, the height of the bathtub is 550mm, and the installation height of the bathtub faucet is 750~850mm (concealed type).

10. The owner has a personal preference for product installation, and the size determined by the owner on-site shall prevail.

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