Open the door to the base, and you will enter a factory-like building. Go down a path to the left, and you will find a steel door, along with RuneScape gold an elevator. Open the steel door (that you can't input ), and use your tinderbox on your own magic log. You will fall the magic log, and light it, which will then catch the lava on fire. Enter the elevator, and attempt to move the fold indoors. You find out that it's locked, and you must enter the reply to a simple double digit multiplication problem (such as 56 * 28).

As soon as you enter the answer, you will be able to crank the crank (requires 70 power ). The lift will go up to another level, where you will then go down a path to the right. Open another steel door, drop a magical log, light it, and also the coal will light on fire again. Run back into the elevator, and you'll smell smoke.

You've twenty seconds to unlock the fold, and awaken to each floor, or your commorb will teleport you out, and you'll have to start over again (and you'll need to receive your own magic logs). Proceed through the practice OSRS buy gold of answering the mathematics problem (which will change for each level), cranking the fold, and lighting the lava on fire three more times. When you light the coal storage, you'll crank up to the roof, in which you may find Hreidmar, in shock about what is going on to his foundation.