uv protection tarpaulin has many uses in industrial and residential environments. Choosing a tarp that has been treated with UV protection can help you protect your investment, whether it is agricultural equipment or truck loading, from sun damage. Polyethylene waterproof cloths with UV protection function also have a longer service life because they will not be degraded by strong sun rays. When it comes to protecting your tarps and your property from the sun, polyethylene tarps are ideal for your specific application.

Poly tarpaulin for sun protection
The UV-treated polyethylene tarpaulin can provide adequate sun protection in residential and industrial environments. Covering applications of polyethylene tarpaulin include:
Vehicles, including boats and motorcycles
Travel trailers and motorhomes
farm tools
Hay, cereals and other crops
Create canopies and carports
Wood and steel
Tent and camping
Whether making awnings during outdoor festivals to protect your crew and your products from the sun, or setting up temporary tents during outdoor camping, polyethylene tarps provide excellent sun protection and UV protection. By choosing a UV-treated tarp, you choose a quality product with a long life and the best sun protection.
Inventory and custom tarps
Taiwei provides stock and customized polyethylene tarpaulins, which can provide the best sun protection for various applications and industries. Custom waterproof cloth can be made into any size and customized according to color, with buttonholes, zippers, D-rings, etc. Whether you are looking for stock tarps that you can take home today, or want something more specific and customized, BTL can provide you with strong, UV-resistant tarps suitable for many different applications.

Bound with buttonholes every 3 feet in the middle
Reinforced washers and corners
Available in black/white, black/silver and white/white
Contact wholesale tarpaulin for pricing
The silver polyester tarp provides first-class UV and sun protection. The silver reflective luster allows it to reflect the harsh rays of the sun. The silver/black tarp has an additional benefit, which is to suppress light on the black side. Due to the dual characteristics of silver and black materials, these tarps block light better than other tarps. When you need sun protection and UV protection, please choose wholesale tarpaulin stock or custom tarpaulin. Contact us to learn more about our UV-resistant polyethylene tarpaulin.