How does the wire diameter ratio change when enameled aluminum wire and enameled copper wire are converted?

  1. The resistivity of copper is 0.017241, and that of aluminum is 0.028264 (both national standard data, the actual value is better). Therefore, if you completely convert based on resistance, aluminum wire diameter = copper wire diameter * 1.28, that is, If 1.2 copper wire is used before, if 1.540mm enameled wire is used, the resistance of the two motors is the same;
  2. However, if the conversion is based on the ratio of 1.28, the iron core of the motor needs to be enlarged, and the volume of the motor needs to be increased, so few people will directly use the theoretical multiple of 1.28 to design aluminum wire motors;
  3. Generally speaking, the aluminum wire diameter ratio of the aluminum wire motors on the market will be reduced, usually between 1.10~1.15, and then the iron core is slightly modified to meet the requirements of motor performance, that is to say If you use 1.200mm copper wire, choose 1.300~1.400mm aluminum wire, and then cooperate with the core modification, you should be able to design a satisfactory aluminum wire motor;
  4. Special reminder: Special attention should be paid to the welding process of aluminum wire in the production of aluminum wire motor!

The diameter change of Round Enameled Aluminum Wire is also the same.