Maintenance and maintenance of home chest freezer

  The home chest freezer needs to be defrosted regularly. Frost will take up space inside the refrigerator and affect the overall performance and efficiency of the machine because frost will hinder the ability of the home chest freezer to dissipate heat inside. The general rule of thumb is to thaw when the buildup reaches a quarter of an inch, but you can postpone this task by doing a few things:

  Open the home chest freezer only when needed, and then close it as soon as possible. Every time the door is opened, moisture will enter, thereby accelerating the formation of frost.

  Avoid empty or partially empty home chest freezers; keeping this way will increase air circulation and provide more space for hot air every time you open the door.

  Keep the refrigerator away from heat sources such as stoves and water heaters.

  Keep the seal or gasket clean. If it is loose, replace it. Check the gasket before buying, because a defective gasket can make an otherwise excellent freezer real trouble.

  When defrosting the home chest freezer provided by water dispenser suppliers, keep the door open, remove the drain plug, and place a tray under it to collect the melted water. This process may take several hours. Before turning the freezer back on, make sure the inside is completely dry (use paper towels), because once the freezer returns to 0 °F, any remaining water will re-freeze into frost.

  If you want to store food for a long time, please seal the food as much as possible to avoid freezing burns. If you have one, please use a vacuum sealer or double-wrap the meat with wax paper.