China Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinets Suppliers introduces the considerations for selecting sinks:

1. The sink is just a single tank and a double tank. Generally speaking, the double tank is now 78cm is the standard size, and the single tank is generally 68cm is the standard size. This specification is actually not in the field. This is my basis Work experience is deduced, because these two specifications of kitchen stainless steel sinks are more and more sold.

2. If on your cabinet design drawing, the cabinet on the side of the standard kitchen stainless steel sink is 70cm. A few days ago, a netizen showed me the engineering drawing that was 70cm. Then there is no doubt that you can use a double sink. On, because if you hang a 78cm double slot, one can't be installed, even if he says that it is wrong to the side, can it be installed?

3. The under-counter basin is based on the cabinet. Generally, most cabinet specifications can be installed with a single slot. For example, the friend above is a 70cm cabinet, so he needs to install an under-counter basin. He needs to choose a 60cm cabinet. Hand-made kitchen stainless steel sinks to make undercounter basins. Make room for tightening the stone bars. Generally this is the displacement coefficient, which is 75cm in length, so the cabinet body needs 85cm

The length is more suitable.

Through the above introduction, Handmade Sink Manufacturers hopes that you can simply refer to the content of this article in future use.