World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic increased the level to reach 70. Learning skills, by understanding the details of the complete task, let the players get more experience to achieve rapid upgrade.

The task upgrade in the new foreign area is a very irritating thing. You will find that various tasks can provide you with experience in upgrading. This is the most effective and most worthless. But you need to pay attention to something. Personally, it is more suitable for the advanced region of Azeroth to explore. It is best to make a team of 5 people in the external exploration.

Naturally upgraded equipment and roles tend to be more powerful than those temporary enhancements, so using wow TBC Classic Gold is not necessarily capable of playing the effect you want.

Note that the color logo of the task, the lowest grade gray task can provide very little experience, you can give up directly. Red and orange tasks are often beyond your ability and have high dangers. But the return will not be too bad. The most suitable is the task of yellow and green, and the player's passing change is very large, and the experience that can be obtained is not very small.

It is a good way to choose a team to make a more difficult task, although there is less experienced, it is good, and the rewards of everyone in the team are the same. More tasks can be made at the same time, even completing additional XPs.

Walking time in the process of saving the task using the furnace, use a shorter time to complete the task, pay attention to the use of the seating area, will help players get more experience to quickly upgrade.

Maybe you will feel that these techniques are very similar to the previous nostalgic versions, but pay attention to the game changes and details will save you time. If you like to go to Buy Wow TBC Classic Gold For Sale, then many of your problems can be perfectly resolved. It is also possible to reach 70 within a day.