With viewers wanting control of what they watch, whenever and wherever they want, the vivid solutions of OTT where one among them i.e., SVOD subscriptions have seen a steady rise

As you can see, the growth is tremendous. With the pandemic forcing people to stay at home, many OTT platforms like HBO Go, Disney+ are entering the market.

Top 3 OTT Solutions To Create Subscription Video On Demand Platform in 2021

1. CONTUS VPlayed

-White label OTT platform with full customization option
-In-built video CMS for effortless organization and uploads
-On-premise or on-cloud hosting and cloud transcoding
-Flexible plans for SVOD with paywall integration
-Real-time analytics and monitoring

2. Uscreen

-Easy video content management system
-Integration with paywalls or use Uscreen payment gateway
-Accept payments in 130+ currencies across the globe
-Build your affiliate program
-Ready-to-use checkout pages for high convertible lead

3. Vixyvideo 

-Powerful integration of software with ease
-Fast HTML5 video player for a consistent experience
-Customizable design with complete branding
-Integration with Stripe, Adyen, and others

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