What about a pop up tent? A pop up tent of pop up tent manufacturers is extremely easy to use when compared to the amount of time and effort it takes to install a frame tent. They call them instant canopies for a reason. Wether you're a pro or not it takes roughly 5-15 minutes to install a pop up canopy and the take down is just as fast. Using a pop up tent is super easy because of the intuitive design the frame offers. As a matter of fact, here is a short video of a pop up tent setup.

Long term Installation: While the pop up canopy is meant for short-term events we have devised a pop up that is heavy duty enough to be installed for many months at a time. This is our heaviest duty canopy called the Gorilla Max and it is a pop up tent that we have outfitted with an 8 year warranty. We have some of these tents installed at Disneyland for their security entrances all over the park. A frame tent is meant to be installed out for long term events or even for outdoor situations. For example, car dealerships install their tents for 6 months to a year at a time and sometimes even longer. That is how heavy duty these tents are.

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