This is getting too annoying, I will cut to RuneScape Gold the chase and state that you give them 5k to utilize the anvil. Smith that the Bandos Gauntlets. Reread your publication to learn that proper Bandos gauntlets have the"Ability of Dalgroth" inside them. 

Proceed to the Ogre Enclave at Gutanoth and utilize your gauntlets together with the Rock of all Dalgroth. Immediately after, run, as an ogre shaman will notice you doing so.

The potion could be made easily. For your pouch, talk to Oldak, who will speak about Zanik's own customs, such as her friendship with Juna. Use the bowl with any Summoning Obelisk (a big one, not a small one) with a blank pouch, green charm, and 23 soul shards to get a Zanik pouch. Go back to Yubiusk. Wear your gauntlets and open the sarcophogas.

It will inch open barely. The two of you will go back to Dorgeshkan. In Oldak's area, a cutscene will take place where Zanik explains what she saw. She'll be interupted with the abrupt appearance of a level 34 HAM Assasin. Zanik will shoot him dead.

Wait. Didn't he appear out of nowhere? You're right. You don't suppose HAM has replicated my spheres? What? It's a long story, but HAM stole among Oldak's spheres out of Duke Horacio's trade secretary. I gave that to him as a gift. I didn't envision this would occur. Oh my. This system suggests that more are coming. I can delay the process while you two prepare for OSRS Gold For Sale the worst.