There is a huge market for Plastic Pail Mould pallet as its distinct highlights compared with wooden or metal pallets. And there are some common main plastic pallet molding processes, listed as below:

  Pallet Injection Molding Process

  Pallet Thermoforming Process

  Pallet Blow Molding Process

  Pallet Compression Molding Process

  Pallet Rotational Molding Process

  In this article, we just talk about the pallet high-pressure injection molding process (pallet injection molding could be high-pressure and low-pressure), because it's our professional area.

  For the basic pallet injection molding, from the following video, you can see that it requires the main molding system: material & its loading, plastic injection machine, pallet mould, necessary auxiliary equipment (cooling tower, chiller, robot, etc).

  Plastic injection molding process improve the pallet quality in line with the high-end standards of drop, loading and strength. And to ensure the final pallet quality, we must pay attention on the key stages of pallet production:

  -Pallet Design (consider the application and its requirement well)

  -Mould Quality (depends on mould design, tooling & QC)

  -Machine Quality (Specification, Components, Service)

  -Machine Operator (skilled workers are better)

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